Question of the day-0067

A car is moving with speed 30 m/s on a circular path of radius 500 m. Its speed is increasing at the rate of 2 m/s\(^2\). The acceleration of the car is:

  1. 2 \(m/s^2\)

  2. 1.8 \(m/s^2\)

  3. 9.8 \(m/s^2\)

  4. 2.7 \(m/s^2\)

\[a_{t}=2m/s^{2}\] \[a_{n}=\dfrac {v^{2}}{r}=\dfrac {30^{2}}{500}=1.8m/s^{2}\] \[a=\sqrt {a^{2}_{n}+a^{2}_{t}}=\sqrt {2^{2}+1.8^{2}}=2.69\ m/s^{2}\] Ans: D

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