When an Engineer becomes a Marketing Person

As a Mechanical engineer, I worked in three different companies as an Quality Control (QC) engineer and maintenance engineer. After working for 7 years, I realized that working in factory is just to follow boss' commands and to achieve daily routine objectives from project to maintenance. Factory work has rules and regulations, mostly from safety point of view. As a staff, we have to follow that growth, which is strictly gradual but guaranteed. You have an opportunity to learn new things with experience. But at the same time, it's quite boring for a person who dreams big especially during his early stage of career.

As an marketing engineer scenerio is opposite. You don't have many rules for office but to achive business goals in terms of money is big challenge. I have to visit many companies and many managers sometimes require intensive travel and many phone calls. Success rate of marketing is too much low many times may be we can say 10 percent. So our 90 percent hard work will not be even noticed by anyone.

Increasing renumeration is easy if you achieve sales. But same time if you don't achieve sales target you may end up being jobless.

Many opportunities are available in engineering related marketing because of myth of it's non technical job but as an marketing representative anyone can ask you many question and query so we must have knowledge about that.

Marketing works in following way:
1. Cold calling
2. Securing appointment
3. Establishing relationship.
4. Receiving enquires.
5. Turning them into orders.
6. Follow-up related invoice activities

During all these stages The rules from finance department have to be kept in mind. Arrangement of material manpower so marketing also is having wide range of experience as an engineer.

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