What is Engineering? one of the best answers....

As per the title of the this article, the question is very general and if you ask this question to people, every individual will give different answer.

Today, after having nine years of teaching experience in the engineering college, I would like to give the most fundamental answer to this question. So let's start.

When I think about the engineering, I always think about the nature. The nature is always superior than human beings. Whatever laws we have studied in the engineering e.g. Newtons Laws of Motion, Ohms Law, Law of Gravition, Archimedes Principle etc. are nothing but the Laws of Nature and using these laws we have converted the natural phenomenon into mathematical equations that is nothing but the mathematical modelling of the physical system, using these equations we develop the system which will control the natural process and such system is called as the technology which will be useful to the human beings and developing such technology is nothing but the engineering.

For example we use the aeroplane to travel in air, this technology is developed by studying the effect of air flow on the airfoil. This natural process is converted into some equations and we got some numerical results that, at some particular air velocity airfoil will get the lift. Means we have convetered this natural prossess into some useful numbers to develope the system which is nothing but the aeroplane technology which is useful to the human beings which is nothing but the engineering.

Another example is the internal combustion engine, combustion is the natural process but after studying this process scientist have developed some equations and using theses equations they got the values of the properties like temperatures, pressures, volumes, air-fuel ratio etc. And using these values they controlled the combustion to develop the IC engines. This is nothing but the engineering.

There are many such examples which we are using in our day to day life, it is possible, because of engineering.

But there are many cases where there is a failure of engineering technology.

Because whatever laws and equations which we have developed are useful when the nature is stable. These laws and equations will fail when the nature becomes unstable.
For example by using Civil engineering we can build the big sky scrapers, towers, bridges etc. These things are stable when the nature is stable but when there is a earthquake, the nature becomes unstable all laws and equations fail in such situation and ultimately the buildings and the bridges collapse. This is one the example of engineering failure but still many engineers are working on such problems to overcome the earthquake.

In the engineering course of four years, most of the time we spent the time to study laws and mathematical quations. Which are useful to develop new systems.

But unfortunately many of engineering students after completing the engineering work on the existing engineering system, in such situation they think that engineering knowlegde which we have learnt in the academics is no more useful. They don't think that this knowledge will be useful to develop the new systems.

As an engineer, one thing you have to remember that the nature is always superior than the human beings and respect the nature. When we overcome one small thing of the nature that's becomes the technology which is nothing but the engineering.

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